CNRS researcher in ecological economics

Lauriane Mouysset.jpg

Current position:

  • Research fellow at CNRS (Chargée de Recherche)
  • Research center: International Research Center on Environment and Development (CIRED, UMR 8568)
  • mouysset[at]
  • ORCID ID : 0000-0002-3372-8626

Research interests:

  • Ecological economics, Bio-economics, Biodiversity, Ecosystem services, Public policy.
  • Land-uses, Climate change, Agriculture, Forest, Bird.
  • Dynamic modeling, Spatial, Multi-criteria, Scenarios, Viability, Cost-effectiveness, Indicators, Risk.


  • New paper on Bioeconomic impacts of agroforestry policies in France, published in Land Use Policy.
  • New paper on Operationalizing sustainability as a safe policy space with french and english colleagues Here